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REPORTING 3.0 Conference

12-13 November 2015, Microsoft Accelerator Berlin

Reporting 3.0: Onwards and Upwards for a future-oriented Reporting Platform
The Reporting 3.0 Conference is entering its third year in November 2015, themed `Tipping Points in the Reporting Transition’. The Reporting 3.0 Conference is the flagship event of the Reporting 3.0 Platform, contributing to help develop reporting, accounting and data support for a green and inclusive economy. Building on last year’s events the Reporting 3.0 Conference 2015 presents a focused grid of keynote speeches, in-depth plenaries and a set of 9 workshops in three streams, named ‘Elaborate, Collaborate and Accelerate’, discussing action needed to be taken in the areas of ‘Reporting, Accounting and Data’ – globally and coordinated.
The full program of Reporting 3.0 in 2015 shows an exciting number of excellent speakers across a wide range of areas to deeply discuss the reporting transition. The introductory keynote speaker on Day 1 will be John Fullerton, founder and president of Capital Institute (US), setting the scene by describing the needs for a regenerative capitalist economy, no doubt reflecting on his experience managing multicapital markets for JP Morgan and his work with the Capital Institute on the future of finance. John will explain design needs for reporting based on the regenerative economy approach. The introductory keynote on Day 2 will be given by Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability and Stewardship at The Crown Estate (UK), focussing on accounting for the future we design, and defining success for a net positive organisation. Claudine is also the Chair of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS), the UK’s first professional body for everyone working in CR and sustainability. The third keynote speaker is Dr. Damian Borth from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (GER), on driving the next systemic transformation by big sustainability data. Damian is the Head of the Competence Center for Multimedia Analysis and Data Mining (MADM), and his research focuses on large-scale multimedia opinion mining, with his work awarded by the Best Paper Award at ACM ICMR 2012, the McKinsey Business Technology Award 2011, and a Google Research Award in 2010.
Following the keynote speeches and in-depth panels on the topics addressed there are in total 9 workshops in which around 40 world expert speakers will be discussing the future needs of reporting, accounting and data support through 25 hours of workshops. An additional IT fair showcases newest software developments and opportunities for corporate use.
The conference will lead into further discussion about the institutionalization of Reporting 3.0 as an ongoing platform through becoming a non-profit. Activities over the last three years have shown that a collaboration of various - now often independently acting - constituencies can add to helping define blueprints for designing a green & inclusive economy. This year’s conference streams have been chosen because of their key role in instigating thinking towards a green and inclusive economy. A number of specialised blueprint development working groups, comprised of industry experts and committed partners, is planned to be a first outcome of platform activities.
The Reporting 3.0 2015 Conference is supported by UNEP, Microsoft, KPMG, Deloitte, Airport Munich, eRevalue, Tagetik, EQi, Heureka, Wikirate, WeSustain, Convetit, ThriveAbility Foundation and will be held over the 12-13 November at Microsoft Berlin on Unter den Linden 17. To buy tickets and see more speakers in attendance, visit www.reporting3.org. For media enquiries, please contact hello@reporting3.org.
 Quelle: Reporting 3.0, Sebastian Straube | www.reporting3.org

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