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Sustainable Textile School 2018

10.9. - 12.9.2018, 09111 Chemnitz

Real Cycling & New Sources

© Sustainable Textile SchoolThe factor of sustainability in the textile industry has increased in relevance for consumers. Sustainability may and will therefore become an important criterion and competitive advantage for the manufacturers in the textile industry. For this reason, Gherzi group decided in cooperation with TU Chemnitz to bring to life a Sustainable Textile School in which the attention of students and professionals would be further drawn to this subject with instruction from experts. Our goal is to establish a global textile engineering platform. From fiber to garment we create sustainability together!
Programme Expectations
Our Sustainable Textile School will contain 5 different strands:
  • Resources: We will cover topics such as fibre production, usage and consumption as well as implications for fabric production and recycling.
  • Production Fabric: You will get an overview of different manufacturing methods which will be compared regarding their ecological impact.
  • Textile Chemistry: Our experts will shed light on different "wet processes” in textile production like garnavivage and garment washing.
  • Supply Chain: One of the central issues will be how a transparent supply chain can be build.
  • Politics: There is a huge number of licenses and labels. We will analyse which of those can foster sustainability trustworthily.
Programme Format
There will be theoretical and practical contributions to each of our five dimensions. The morning will be dedicated to three parallel seminars á 45 minutes. They will be held by experts from the industry and science. In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the four workshops to deepen your understanding of certain topics. Qualified representatives from the textile and clothing industry will guide you through their field of expertise. Following this, you are invited to share the results from your workshop with other attendants to help gaining further knowledge.We will publish the full programme soon.
Focus on textile chain
Each point of the textile chain is viewed individually and overlappingly. Currently there are several social and ecological pitfalls within the textile value chain. The Sustainable Textile School will address those issues and offer innovative, social and eco-friendly solutions.
The regular all-day-pass includes the conference ticket, access to the event and workshops, including catering and access to the Tuesday Night Event and is available online. For further programme information, please check our website.


Veranstalter: Chemnitzer Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (CWE)

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