Traders Union reviews: opinions of real traders

The Traders Union has been operating since 2010. Therefore, the reviews of its members can be found practically on any forum or blog discussing investing in financial instruments. The experience of other traders can be quite useful, particularly for beginners. Reviews about the Traders Union by real market participants are worth reading, as they show the real big scope of information TU provides.

Summary of Traders Union

The Traders Union is an information portal with a focus on finance. The website publishes analytical articles, reviews, useful life hacks for traders with any experience and equity. Information provided on the TU website is unique has its own analytical department involved in research and content writing.

Profile creation of brokerage companies offering access to various financial markets is another area of TU analysts’ work. The portal also features profiles of digital banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and electronic payment systems, both most popular and little known ones. Client reviews is a mandatory section in each profile. The Traders Union publishes both positive and negative reviews to provide traders with an opportunity to objectively evaluate the service and conditions of companies they are interested in.

Traders Union members also enjoy two more benefits. First, they can earn extra income by trading in the financial markets via the Traders Union. Second, TU provides its members with free professional legal support for settlement of disputes with brokerage companies.

Traders Union reviews: opinions of traders

Traders confirm the usefulness of the information published on the website Traders Union reviews.

Molly Gray:

”I registered with the Traders Union a couple of years ago. I use their analytics and read Forex market reviews. I also opened my trading account with a broker through their website. Not so long ago, I had a dispute with my broker, so I turned for advice to the TU lawyers. They helped me resolve the dispute with the broker in a matter of a few days.”

Green Barrows:

”The Traders Union website is a treasure trove of useful content for traders. It features a lot of information on various markets and passive strategies. Ratings of top companies based on a specific criteria are also regularly published. I’d like to thank the analytical department for stable and high quality work.”

Kamlesh Bhandari:

”The Traders Union website features a lot of useful information for novice traders, but the presentation of materials differs from other resources. Articles on the Traders Union website are written in a simple language. You read it once and you understand. Broker profiles provide all information a trader may require.”

How can Traders Union help you choose a broker?

Traders Union analysts are tasked with creation of up-to-date ratings of brokerage companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital banks and payment systems. The website features separate ratings for Forex brokers, CFD and binary options brokers, and also companies for trading stock assets. This makes the selection process much easier, as traders know where to look for a broker working with specific assets. It saves time on manually sorting brokers.

The Traders Union ratings are honest and impartial. Analysts who create them are independent experts, who did not get paid to promote certain companies. Their main task is to truthfully describe all pros and cons of brokers/banks/exchanges and also put them in the rating in an order that will make it easy for traders to quickly and easily choose a suitable option.

Traders’ opinions about broker ratings on the Traders Union website

Below are several reviews published by traders who used the ratings on the Traders Union portal for choosing a brokerage company.

Mark Hamill:

”Ratings compiled by Traders Union analysts show a real picture in the sphere of brokerage services. Some time ago, I chose the top-ranked broker in the TU rating. I’ve been trading with this broker since then, which makes it three years now.”

Libbie Klein:

”I am confident that the ratings on the Traders Union website are impartial, as I can tell it from my own experience. Several years ago, I tested the conditions of Forex brokers from the Top 3 of the Traders Union rating. I chose one of them to trade with on a regular basis.”

Norwood Koepp:

”Broker ratings on the Traders Union website are updated every month, not one a year or even more rarely like on other resources. This provides an opportunity to see the actual picture in the brokerage services market and to trade only with the best of the best right now.”

List of exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies: rating by TU analysts

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the latest trends in the financial markets. This is why the Traders Union website offers a special cryptocurrency exchange rating. It is regularly updated, as the TU analytical department monitors trading conditions, reliability and quality of service of a huge number of exchanges.

Same as with other ratings, TU experts analyze trader reviews when preparing the list of cryptocurrency exchanges. Only the companies with conditions and service that satisfied the majority of their clients can expect to be ranked high.

Binance is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with the highest number of positive client reviews. It was established in 2017 and services over 90 million users from across the globe. High reliability, acceptable trading fees and multifunctional proprietary trading platform make Binance one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022.

How do traders describe the Traders Union crypto exchange rating?

Visitors of the Traders Union website note the usefulness of the cryptocurrency exchange rating, as it helps them choose a company to trade in digital assets.

Obioma Sylvester:

”Crypto exchanges often change their trading conditions. I don’t have time or desire to monitor this process. Traders Union analysts do an excellent job with this. The ratings created by them are always objective, as they always include the changes in the offers of crypto exchanges.”

Hannes Müller:

”On other resources, little-known exchanges that can pay for promotion are ranked at the top. On the Traders Union website, the leaders of the ratings are the popular exchanges that offer good conditions. There is no praise or promotion. Everything is objective and to the point.”

Bulelwa Maharaj:

”I believe that Traders Union analysts are right to consider client reviews when creating ratings, because real clients of cryptocurrency exchanges are the ones that can describe all their pros and cons. I have not seen exchanges with a large number of negative reviews ranked among the top companies in the TU rating. This means that TU analysts distribute positions accurately.”

Facts about Traders Union

Traders Union is one of the largest information resources that has been providing traders with quality and useful content for more than 12 years. It is unique in that all articles are written by a team of independent professional analysts. They know what to look for in a broker, digital bank or a crypto exchange, and they share their knowledge with all readers of the Traders Union website.

The ratings are created on the Traders Union website with only one goal – to help traders choose truly reliable companies with the best conditions. All articles, reviews and tips published on the website are also written to immerse readers deeper into the topic of investing in financial instruments.

The Traders Union website can be recommended to those who want to achieve success in trading currencies, derivatives and securities. Latest analytics, regularly updated broker ratings, reviews and market news – the Traders Union website has it all.

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